Wednesday, December 07, 2005

MPI matrix multiplication and inversion

MPI matrix multiplication and inversion routines, written for a physics class that I took last year. The code is modular, and more flexible than the matrix multiplication codes I found on the Web (I couldn't find any simple MPI matrix inversion routines on the Web). The PDF document is public domain. (Algorithms and Code).

See also: ScaLAPACK.


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I was reading that the key aspect is "the ability of an MPI process to participate in the creation of new MPI processes or to establish communication with MPI processes that have been started separately." The MPI-2 specification describes three main interfaces by which MPI processes can dynamically establish communications, MPI_Comm_spawn, MPI_Comm_accept/MPI_Comm_connect and MPI_Comm_join. The MPI_Comm_spawn interface allows an MPI process to spawn a number of instances of the named MPI process.

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