Sunday, April 01, 2007

How to put a video on the Web

Install FFMPEG [1], use ffmpeg -i in.avi out.swf, then place <embed src="out.swf" width="400" height="300" loop="false" quality="high"></embed> in your HTML. Optionally, use the -s argument after -i in FFMPEG to change the resolution. If you want playback controls, output to a .flv file instead, download FlowPlayer [1], and modify their example HTML to point to your .flv video.


Connelly Barnes said...

This isn't standards compliant due to the use of the <embed> tag. Popular ways to post videos include Adobe's suggestion of nesting <embed> and <object> tags [1], using the FlashObject library [2] (they received threats from Adobe and hence changed their library's name to SWFObject), or using the <object> tag alone [3]. I stuck with the embed tag because it worked for me on IE6, Firefox, and Safari and didn't violate Occam's razor.

Connelly Barnes said...

Also, note that FlowPlayer may require that users upgrade to a recent version of Flash. If you don't need videos to play in the browser, you can use the msmpeg4v2 FFMPEG codec, which plays in VLC and vanilla Windows Media Player, but won't play on Mac OS X. If you know of a codec that compresses well and works on the default Mac OS X and Windows players then let me know.

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