Friday, October 14, 2005

Basic factorization algorithms

A paper which gives pseudocode and the reasoning behind some basic factorization algorithms: Fermat factorization, Pollard rho, Pollard p-1, and Brent's method. Public domain. (PDF document).


Anonymous said...

My name is Tiana
I have a question, but I've never done this before. I'm not sure about P(x)= - 3.3x3 - 3.5x2 - 1.5, P(-2.9)I want to get it right I have an exam on Saturday.
Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

first of all when woring with multiplication you should know that if there is 2 negatives or 2 positives the answer is always positive. If there is 1 negative or 1 positive then the answer is always negative. so I'm not sure but I think the answer to your question is: -18.4

What does P(x) mean?
P(-2.9) what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your exam!

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